Gay G. Cox Collaborative Law Award recipient Kevin Fuller, 2017

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Kevin Fuller, Collaborative Divorce Dallas member, was recently awarded the GAY G. COX COLLABORATIVE LAW AWARD for the year 2017, established by the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas in 2013.  This honor celebrated Gay G. Cox as an outstanding and extraordinary lawyer who dedicated her professional and personal life to the peaceful resolution of conflict and served as an inspiration to all who knew her.

The annual recipient of this award is a Texas collaborative practitioner:

•         Who is a member of CLI-TX (now “Collaborative Divorce Texas”);

•         Who is substantially involved in collaborative practice;

•         Who devotes themselves fully to any task undertaken often going above and beyond the call of duty;

•         Who exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and ethics; and

•        Who is passionately committed to transforming the conflict resolution process.

Linda Solomon

Linda Solomon, also a member of Collaborative Divorce Dallas, was awarded the Gay C. Cox Collaborative Law Awardin 2015.

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