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Traditional Divorce & the issues for children

Psychological researchers stress the negative effects on children of contentious divorce. It’s no wonder that when parents engage in protracted litigation, the children can’t help but be emotionally disturbed by their parents’ fight.

The Substance Abusing Spouse & Collaboration

Collaborative Divorce Dallas has a process that works in cases where substance abuse is an issue. It requires allowing the addict parent to feel some measure of participation. They are then more invested and more likely to be compliant with the agreements they make.

Collaborative Law and the Affair

by Carla Calabrese
Affairs are one of the leading reasons sited for divorce. And while traditional divorce attorneys often tell clients that affairs are not appropriate cases for collaboration, the opposite is actually true. (In fact, a quick poll of the attorneys on this blog roll would confirm that most of their cases involve affairs.)
Whether you’re [...]

Collaborative Divorce – Let the Conversation Begin

We strive to keep life decisions where they belong – with our clients, not the courts.