Client Testimonials


“The end of a marriage doesn’t always have to look like a scene out of Divorce Court.  A group of Dallas lawyers has a new approach to reach a friendly parting of the ways.”  Fox 4 News, KDFW

“Lawyers from Dallas’ top family law litigation firms got together... and decided to make divorce clients a promise: If you want to walk away from your marriage without a bloody battle, leaving open the possibility of a cordial relationship, we will put down our litigator’s guns and help you do it.”  “Dallas Lawyers Adopt Collaborative Approach” Texas Bar Journal

“A new way of settling divorces is providing couples with a way to end their marriages while avoiding nasty, costly courtroom battles. It’s quicker, cleaner, and cheaper.”  “Collaborating On Divorce” CBSNews

“Texas’ reputation for rough-and-tumble justice may be in for a revision... the state became the first in the nation to adopt a statute clearing the way for collaborative law, a process designed to soften the experience of getting a divorce.”  “Texas Shows Its Softer Side” by Jenny B. Davis,  ABA Journal

“[Collaborative Divorce] can be effective for people who value their privacy because the proceedings are kept private... In divorce court, hearings and filings are often available to the public.”  “A Growing Number of Unhappy Couples Try ‘Collaborative Divorce’” by Diya Gullapalli, The Wall Street Journal

“Unlike a traditional divorce, which often involves lawyers taking adversarial positions, lengthy mediation sessions and bitter court battle, the theory behind collaborative divorce is that the couple takes charge of the process.”  “Divorce Over Easy” by Jennifer Mathieu, Houston Press

“It’s the sense of control that is so much better in collaborative law.  Instead of lawyers and judges being in control, the control remains very firmly with the husband and wife.”  “One Last Time: Divorcing Couples Can Work Together To Avoid A Nasty Fight” by Pamela Yip, Dallas Morning News

“[Collaborative] divorces are often easier on children and spare them the emotional turmoil of being dragged through the system.”  “New Civil Procedure Lessens Sting of Divorce,” by Jan Jarvis, Fort Worth Star-Telegram


“Collaborative Divorce was efficient and speedy. It required us to address issues directly and respectfully.”

“It was heartening that, in the midst of the shock and sadness, there was at least a way to live up to an ideal in the way we handled the proceedings.”

“It was handled in a mature, non-threatening way.  I felt I was represented in an excellent fashion.  No negativity, just respect for all parties concerned.”

“I was allowed my voice, my opinions were heard and I ended up respecting everyone in the process.  The process was actually very positive.”

“The process is done in a civil way and was very professionally handled.  I think it is beneficial to be face to face with all parties.”

“We maintained a sense of respect among the parties, including the lawyers, throughout the process; it was less adversarial and neither of us felt the outcome was imposed on us.”

“It was not confrontational. Everybody cooperated on the solution.”

“Very professional. We were guided through the process with ease.”

“Now 8 months after the divorce, my ex-wife and I are working very well together as co-parents. That would not have been possible if the Collaborative team hadn’t helped me stay focused and civil during the process.”