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Building Bridges in the Collaborative Process from a Mental Health Professional’s Perspective

Bridges help all of us move from one place to another. A divorce is about moving from “one place to another”, in some ways. Some cross that bridge quickly and others need time, support and guidance. The collaborative process offers so many ways to help people build those bridges during a divorce to offer some healing and help create the chance for a respectful relationship going forward.


In my work with divorcing, or divorced couples, as a mental health professional, I’ve found that one or both people may feel broken. They view their divorce as a failure and may, at some level, see themselves or their partners as ruined. The divorce itself can feel like an indictment. It is rewarding to work with couples and encourage them to see that while what was may not be salvageable, the relationship, especially if children are involved, will continue. It is a choice to be made, what this relationship, post-divorce, will be.

For the Spouse Without the Kids this First Thanksgiving

The holidays, post divorce.


The MHP is neutral. That is an essential component of the mental health professional’s power in the collaborative divorce process. That said, if I’m on anyone’s “side,” it would be have to be that of the kids. My goal is to enable their parents to make the most informed decisions and to learn how to communicate and resolve conflict moving forward so that they can be the best co-parents that their children need.

Why Does Collaborative Divorce Need a Mental Health Professional on the team?

The Mental Health Professional (MHP) manages the collaborative divorce process much like an emcee does any large-scale event, handling many moving parts to help create an outcome that is goal driven and designed to meet the clients’ needs. He or she facilitates the process that empowers adults undergoing divorce to structure a customized, individualized plan tailor made to move their family forward successfully.

Benefits of Using a Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce

In the team approach of collaborative divorce, the Neutral Financial Professional (FP) can be an enormous asset.

What is a Neutral Financial Professional in Collaborative Divorce?

Within the collaborative divorce process, in addition to each client engaging their own divorce attorney, two “neutral professionals” round out the team to reach a divorce settlement amenable to both parties: a mental health professional (MHP) and a neutral financial professional (FP).  For this post, we will focus on the financial professional: who he or [...]

Gay G. Cox Collaborative Law Award recipient Kevin Fuller, 2017

Kevin Fuller, Collaborative Divorce Dallas member, was recently awarded the GAY G. COX COLLABORATIVE LAW AWARD for the year 2017, established by the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas in 2013.  This honor celebrated Gay G. Cox as an outstanding and extraordinary lawyer who dedicated her professional and personal life to the peaceful resolution of conflict [...]

CDD members present in Frisco to Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Jody Johnson and Honey Sheff, both CDD members, presented on July 20th at a gathering of collaborative law professionals in Frisco.  The talk centered on effective strategies that collaborative professionals can employ when facing challenges with clients.  These problems can cover a broad spectrum–from clients who do not really want the divorce, those who want [...]

How Collaborative Law Differs from Mediation

Critics of collaborative divorce argue that the majority of cases settle before trial anyway, often at mediation, so why risk having to withdraw from the case if a settlement is not reached?  Why would any lawyer sign an agreement compelling withdrawal from representation if the case ends up in court (as the collaborative divorce process [...]