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CDD members present in Frisco to Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Jody Johnson and Honey Sheff, both CDD members, presented on July 20th at a gathering of collaborative law professionals in Frisco.  The talk centered on effective strategies that collaborative professionals can employ when facing challenges with clients.  These problems can cover a broad spectrum–from clients who do not really want the divorce, those who want [...]

How Collaborative Law Differs from Mediation

Critics of collaborative divorce argue that the majority of cases settle before trial anyway, often at mediation, so why risk having to withdraw from the case if a settlement is not reached?  Why would any lawyer sign an agreement compelling withdrawal from representation if the case ends up in court (as the collaborative divorce process [...]

How Collaborative Divorce Has Made Me a Better Lawyer

It isn’t a touchy-feely job title: divorce attorney. Law school training sets a certain scene: a courtroom, a winner, a loser. But in learning collaborative law, I have come to believe there is a better, more dignified approach to divorce that is a win for everybody involved.

Top Ten to Consider Before Talking Collaborative Divorce with your Spouse

When talking collaborative divorce with your spouse, tread carefully. This process is unique; not everyone will know about how collaborative divorce really works. Here are the top ten ideas to consider before having the “collaborative divorce talk.”


Practice groups in collaborative law are designed to help facilitate the collaborative law process by engaging divorce attorneys along with financial and mental health professionals. This team approach mimics collaborative law at its best. What can collaborative attorneys involved in practice groups do to keep the spark goin


What are “interest-based negotiations,” and how can they help divorcing couples in the collaborative divorce process?

The Gift of Collaboration

Whether a couple is in the throes of divorce proceedings or contemplating marriage dissolution, holiday months arrive as a potent reminder. Holidays can become occasion for some to look closer: at what they have, what they do not have, and what they stand to lose. If divorce is complicated—and that is usually an understatement—divorce that involves kids can be overwrought with emotional landmines. Luckily, collaboration is possible and available. Cases can be settled without litigation, collaboratively; a healthier base from which to move forward, even in the midst of holiday mayhem.


Collaboration is gaining ground in legal areas aside from family law, and that’s heartening for all who seek a healthier, more successful method of dispute resolution.
In the Sept-Oct issue of Dallas CEO Magazine, respected Dallas attorney John G. Browning writes about the benefits of Collaboration, offering an insightful and lucid discussion of the process.
Noting that [...]